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Creating the future in work space


Kenneth Fishel


Renaissance Properties



Vice President 

Renaissance Properties

Renaissance Properties traces its roots back to the 1960’s, when Bernard Fishel – a Lieutenant Colonel who piloted 33 B-17 missions over Germany during WWII – leap into the realm of real estate after owning and operating a garment business.

From commercial, retail and residential building ownership, to leasing, management and construction, Renaissance is always looking to the future, what's next in the industry.

The Aventura Corporate Campus, an activity based office complex, is what is next in the work place. Being an entrepreneur often means being pushed to physical and mental limits daily. There are long hours; there’s a consistent need to perform at full capacity in presentations and meetings; and there’s the drive to stay sharp.

The launch of the Aventura Corporate Campus is to foster collaboration and communication between entrepreneurs and business owners, with the end result being a happier, more productive tenant and office force.

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